Seema Rao
Smt. Seema Rao, senior-most disciple of Takshashila Dance Academy, started learning Bharatanatyam at the tender age of 5. She was the first of Gayatri’s disciples to present her Arangetram, in 1993. Setting an example to other students by continuing to dance even through Board and Engineering exams, Seema started her career as Software Consultant with Fortune 100 companies. She began assisting her guru, teaching batches of students in the Academy. She participated in various symposiums on dance with her guru and also in various dance competitions. She ably compered for numerous dance programmes of Takshashila, with an in-depth knowledge and interest in dance. Her dedication has inspired many students in the Academy and she continues to be a humble disciple since 25 years.

Seema Rao, settled in the United States, is mother of a baby girl. She serves as an IT Consultant with Deloitte Consulting, USA.

  • Core training in Bharatanatyam from Guru Smt. Gayatri Subramanian, from 1987 to date
  • Specialised training under late Shri G.V. Ramani & late Smt. Ranganayaki Ramani
  • Learnt nuances of Bharatanatyam, Kummi, Kolattam and the basics of Nattuvangam from Guru Smt. Rajee Narayan
  • Passed Madhyama Dvitiya under the aegis of Gandharva Kala Niketan

  • Quarterly Conference of Deloitte Consulting, USA, based on the theme, Diversity and Inclusion - September 2007
  • Navi Mumbai Tamil Sangam - November 2005
  • Shivali Cultural Festival, Mysore Association, Mumbai - January 2002
  • Annual Functions for Reliance Industries and Deloitte Consulting, Mumbai - 2001-2004
  • Ram Navami Celebrations, Asthika Samaj, Mumbai - April 1995

  • Gujarati Samaj, Navi Mumbai - May 2005
  • Annual Ayyappa Festival, Ayyappa Temple, Borivali – December 2004
  • Mulund Fine Arts, December 2002
  • Shivali Cultural Festival, Mysore Association, Mumbai - January 2002
  • Chedda Nagar Association Festival - August 1998
  • Kutrala Kuravanji, Andal Kalyanam, Krishna Leela for Vashi Fine Arts

Seema says, “Dance was an integral part of my formative years. My Guru has been a guiding force in my life, helping me learn dance and battle the challenges of life. I am incomplete without either of them. I want to continue on this journey and learn as much as I can from my Guru and all other stalwarts in the field. I want to give this gift that my mother gave me, to my daughter as well. I can’t wait for the day when I can return to India and be by my guru, to help serve this fine art form.”

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